tweet crafts cofounders
Tweet Crafts Co-Founders Erica and Verenicce

Tweet Crafts is co-founded by two sisters Erica and Verenicce. Erica and Verenicce have enjoyed different areas of crafting for years. In 2015, they decided to team up and donate several different crafts to fundraisers, to help send several teenagers to camp. After spending several hours working together, some of which can’t be called productive because of the large amount of laughter and coffee breaks, they both agreed they made a great craft team. Although Tweet Crafts didn’t start soon after, the idea of staring a business was considered. Months later, the sisters teamed up again to help send a small group of teenagers to a puppet conference out of town. After the conference, Erica and Verenicce agreed to team up and start a shop. Tweet Crafts remains a hobby,not a full time job. Every item sold at Tweet Crafts shop is home made by the duo, with the exception of raw materials used to create the crafts.

In addition to making crafts, Verenicce decided to incorporate her love of paper crafting by making video/photo tutorials available for fellow crafters. Verenicce has learned a great deal by videos and blogs, and enjoys giving back to the crafting community.

Tweet Crafts hopes you find something that brings you the joy of possession in the shop, and inspires you to make something you love with the tutorials.

-Tweet Crafts